Who are our partners?

Cogito Development Projects works worldwide in
collaboration with the following individuals,
consultancies and organisations:


Angela Kimberley and Kimberley Solutions
Combining our experienced partnerships we provide you with business coaching, training and specialist advice

The Thinking & Learning Company  
Together we provide professional development support to the education sector

The innovative service providing motivational text messages is our partner in Enterprise360

Gestform (Italy)
Our European funding partners. Together we can access funds and programmes directly managed by the European Commission

Venture Simulations  
SimVenture is a valuable resource for fast-tracking entrepreneurship and business skills development

Catalyst in Communities
Catalyst In Communities work with us to provide research, evaluation, training and project delivery for community development programmes.

Stefan Drew_ The Marketing Magician
Stefan is an education sector marketing specialist who works on projects ranging from staff training, student recruitment, bid writing and employer engagement to business development.

Platform Twenty
Provider of professional but affordable website design & development, graphic design and website hosting services. Also able to advise on using social media to promote your business.

Yellow Sequioa
Founded with the goal to popularize the use of simulations within business education. We love simulations and think that in today’s academic environment they offer the best alternative for teaching business.