Our commitment

As a consulting company that operates in a very competitive market, Cogito Development Projects is committed to supplying all their programmes and projects and related support, services, solutions, and products of the highest quality and value. This will be to the benefit of our customer’s need, whilst also increasing their cost effectiveness and productivity when engaging us as a supplier. The systems and processes developed by Cogito Development Projects s are designed and defined for repeatability incorporating a high degree of flexibility to accommodate changing business drivers and market trends.

Cogito Development Projects’ commitment to industry wide best practice business management systems is essential to our workforce and the success of not only Cogito Development Projects, but also the success of client programmes and projects. Cogito Development Projects actively promotes to our customers the need to operate within a quality management approach. We recognise this as being a vital activity to re-enforce our own commitment towards quality as well as an obligation to all those who benefit from the services delivered by those with whom Cogito Development Projects are engaged with at any given time.

Cogito Development Projects also acknowledge that meeting the needs and accurately identifying the requirements of our clients is an imperative process within our business and we will achieve this by ongoing and regular communication with our customers. Cogito Development Projects also has a pledge to supplement communications with a follow up analysis of all forms of customer feedback which will enable us to build on lessons learned from programmes and to take corrective or preventive actions as required.

It is Cogito Development Projects’ firm belief that only by dedicated pursuit and enforcement of a Quality Policy, will Cogito Development Projects flourish in the market place, be acknowledged as a supplier of quality services and continually improve and develop in line industry benchmarks. This is a core and fundamental component of Cogito Development Projects’ core values and governance.

Cogito Development Projects Quality Policy is upheld by the following primary objectives which drive strategic improvements throughout Cogito Development Projects and our client base. Therefore we strive to;

  • Understand our customers’ current and future requirements
  • Be responsiveness to our customer needs
  • Focus on the business benefits that we can bring to our clients organisation
  • Exceed (not only meet) customer expectations at all times
  • Provide our customers with value added services and products
  • Provide services and products which meet industry standards and best practice
  • Provide open, trusting and effective communications with our customers, partners, associates and suppliers
  • Ensure high quality controls and procedures are implemented and maintained throughout the organisation
  • Constantly measure and monitor all operations
  • Seek continuous improvement across all disciplines and implementation of innovative quality improvement initiatives