Supporting Learning Providers

Cogito can provide coaching support to work based learning providers to help to improve efficiencies and performance in all aspects of employer engagement.  This includes the review and development of apprenticeship provision.  The support available is provided by consultants with proven expertise in the topics outlined below:

 Managing the delivery of apprenticeships under the new Trailblazer reforms in England.

  •  Making effective use of market analysis
  • Developing partnership and strategies for growth
  • Working with employers at full cost recovery
  • Effective organisational needs analysis 
  • Marketing to employers 
  • Sales and account management 
  • Bottom line benefits and return on investment 
  • Customer service

 Cogito will help learning providers facilitate their own performance improvement by providing assessment against relevant criteria (for example CIF and QAA) and then leading workshops or coaching sessions against an agreed action plan.



"Breda is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with.  She was very helpful in assisting us to plan, develop and deliver a series of workshops for the Business Improvement Group, focusing on the delivery of apprenticeships.  All the workshops were well received by participants.   As well as delivering much of the content, Breda co-ordinated the programmes and produced presentations, liaising with other contributors.  Breda’s involvement did not end with the workshop on the day as she was very willing to answer participants’ questions and communicate with individuals by email to offer additional advice and guidance on the topics."

Elizabeth Bray

Head of Business Development
West Suffolk College