Supporting Apprenticeships

Cogito can provide support to work based learning providers to help in the review and development of apprenticeship provision.
The support available is provided by consultants with proven expertise.

Cogito also has expertise in the development of new apprenticeships Standards and can assist employers who wish to use apprenticeships within their staffing or even to consider submitting an expression of interest to create an apprenticeship Standard which meets their occupational  needs.

In England all new apprenticeships are now created according to the guidance for developers of Trailblazer  Standards. Cogito has expertise in the reform programme  and what this means for employers, and learning providers who are delivering apprenticeships, particularly the role of end-point assessment.

Cogito has worked as a partner supporting the Future Apprenticeships Programme and Toolkit through our association with Strategic Development Network For providers there are useful resources on both sites.

View the latest Apprenticeship standards on the website .

If you are training provider thinking of offering apprenticeships please click here.

For information for employers learners and parents there is further information here.

Two useful resources for young people wanting to find out more about apprenticeships:

Top Tips for Apprenticeships 

Top tips to getting the best results from an apprentice scheme

Apprenticeships: Are they useful for business?

The Apprenticeship Levy became operational in April 2017. For explanation of how the Apprenticeship Levy operates for employers

Mind the (skills) gap - getting the most from the Apprenticeship Levy - how HEI are approaching the opportunity to work with employers


72%of businesses who currently employ apprentices say they made a positive contribution during the recession


80% of employers who employ apprentices agree they make the workplace more productive


81% of consumers favour using a company which takes on apprentices


83% of apprentice employers rely on their Apprenticeship programmes to provide a skilled workforce for the future


88% of apprentice
employers believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce


94% of consumers think that it is important for companies to take on apprentices during today’s economic recovery