Cogito has considerable experience in writing qualifications for the QCF, having been commissioned by a number of awarding organisations and sector skills councils.

Cogito writers can help clients create units of assessment for vocational qualifications from learning programmes, national occupational standards or other client material. 

These units form coherent qualifications which enable individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

For employers this means that they can be assured that learning that they require for skills and knowledge that has been synthesized for application in the workplace.


Case Study:

ABP, the Association of Business Professionals have commissioned Cogito to create several suites of new Post-graduate qualifications including International Finance Management.

ABP is affiliated to the Association of Business Executives (ABE), an awarding body established in 1973, operating in over 100 countries and fully recognised by the UK regulatory authorities for qualifications.

In partnership Cogito and ABP have created a flexible model for the qualifications which included some optional units at levels 5 and 6 which allow greater flexibility for students.

Cogito is able to draw on subject matter experts overseas and in UK to support their accreditation work and have other qualification projects for ABP in the pipeline.

Of particular interest may be the groundbreaking Islamic Finance Qualifications.

The Level 5 Certificate in the Concepts of Islamic Finance and Banking and the Level 7 Certificate in the Essentials of Islamic Finance and Banking both cover the foundation principles of finance and banking in this context, with “Essentials” qualification looking for more detailed understanding from the candidate.

This level 7 “essentials” qualification is also an optional component in the ABP Postgraduate Diplomas in International Finance Management.

The Level 6 Diploma in Applied Islamic Finance and Banking comprises of one of the foundation modules plus a unique module considering the application of this strand of financial services.


The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is the national credit transfer system for education qualification in England,  Education in Northern Ireland and Wales. The QCF replaced the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) at the end of 2010.
Check out this Wikipedia link or more information on the QCF

Richard Poole, Qualifications Development Manager at ABP, comments:

“It has been a great pleasure to work with the Cogito team. Such professionalism and creativity in one place is refreshing. The result for our Islamic Finance and banking project has been well received by the Financial Skills Partnership, leading to Ofqual recognition.”


Cogito are delighted to see that the three new suites of Enterprise qualifications written for ABP are now on the QCF:

ABE Level 7 Diploma/Extended Diploma  in Strategic Entrepreneurship (QCF)

ABE Level 7 Diploma/Extended Diploma  in Strategic Intrapreneurship (QCF)

ABE Level 7 Diploma/Extended Diploma  in Strategic Management for Social Enterprise (QCF) 

Cogito have the pleasure of informing you that the long awaited employability and study quals have been approved for QCF:

600/7199/0, ABE Level 3 Award in Employability and Enterprise (QCF)

600/7198/9, ABE Level 3 Award in Career Development (QCF)

600/7197/7, ABE Level 3 Award in Academic Study (QCF)

600/7196/5, ABE Level 3 Award in Academic Research (QCF)

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