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Welcome to the Cogito

Cogito Development Projects is a small company started in May 2003 to support and develop projects in education, business start-up, training and social enterprise. Our clients include national agencies, training providers and small businesses.

Cogito has grown by establishing a network of consultancy and project partners. The company’s resource base includes business development and performance improvement specialists, work-based learning and accreditation consultants. Based in England Cogito has collaborated in a diverserange of developmental and business projects across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. By using Skype, cloud computing and a full range of media tools Cogito can offer a triangulated service across borders.

Cogito bridges the world of business and the world of learning. We have worked with business and the education sector to promote business growth and organisational performance and to improve return on investment. We work with business and the public sector to show how learning can improve return on investment and promote business growth or organisational performance.


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